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We are thrilled that you are interested in submitting your online experience to thirdplace. Before you get started with the application, we would like to give an overview of what we’re looking for in an experience:


Experiences that are engaging and inspire participation


Compelling and dynamic experiences that spark wonder and curiosity


Simple experiences that don’t require existing skills or lots of materials


Having exceptional expertise and skill in the experience being offered

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First, what is your name and contact information?

What type of experience is it?

Select a category that best relates to the content of your experience:

What is the name of your experience?

Your experience title should help guests understand exactly what to expect. Make it actionable, clear and compelling.


What is the description of the experience?

Explain your experience in detail, clarify the value proposition and inspire guests to book. 

Here are some best practices for writing your experience description:

Start strong

Draw your guests in with the first three sentences and describe what makes your experience extraordinary. Make it informative, compelling and exciting.

Paint the picture

Now, give guests a little more detail about what they should expect from the experience. What is your experience about? What will the guests create? Why should guests take your experience? Can you tease any unique details about the experience? Is anything being sent (physically or digitally) to the guest prior to the experience?

Clarify the takeaways  

End your description by elaborating on what the guest will gain from the experience. What is the key takeaway and value proposition? What are you promising to deliver? 


Who are you?

Share your background with guests and tell them about your story. Make it as unique as you are - this is your moment to shine.


What do guests need to bring?

If guests need to bring specific materials to partake in the experience then please outline them here, simply and concisely. If nothing is needed, then please leave blank.

What is the experience duration?

Experience Duration

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